Monday, October 18, 2010

In Search of A Blessing!

Jacob [the bible Jacob] knew what it meant to have a blessing from a father and for that reason he told and did all he could with the support of his mother to earn and retain that blessing. Not so long a ago, 4pm of 16.10.10 found me on a mini-bus headed to the other side of the world to find my father who has been partially instrumental in my upbringing [Mum and Dad separated during my early childhood, about 3years]. Keep in prayer everytime you are at it, all the single mothers in this world!

My journey to the land of restoration and recovery was a testing journey that only can be described in mini titles [the call to the blessing, the inspiration to the blessing, the long wait for the blessing, the journey to the blessing, the fears toward the blessing, the encounter with the blessing, the transformation of the blessing, the preparation for the blessing, walking and retaining your blessing and is still more from the blessing]. Hopefully, the next posts will unfold each of these smaller journeys
Of the mini titles/stages of the blessings, where do you fall?