Saturday, August 7, 2010

Come Back...

Consistency and Commitment are two fundamental characters [elements] that are overlooked and neglected by several yet critical once mastered. Before explaining the test of my own consistency and commitment, let me advise everyone that easily identifies themselves with the term World Changer nurtures the habit of making periodic and individual assessment specifically on these attributes.

Am a firm believer of prayer [don't ever forget to use the clause in the name of Jesus as you make those quiet time prayers, Paul reminds us of the power that lies in the name of Jesus. At the Announcing of His NAME every knee shall bow and every tongue confess HE IS LORD]. Once prayer is supplemented by FAITH, the results are incredible. There seasons when am able to pray with ease and profoundly longer than usual. Statistically put, time spent in prayer is indirectly proportion to the prayer answers and time it takes to have the delivery made. The big question is why can't Dennis [We] be consistent in manner of prayer, why is this season and practice so short lived? You are not alone in this occurrence of events, sometimes God empties us to fill us up.

Almost 2 Years ago, blogging was introduced to my world. Knowing very well how mighty power hidden in blogging then, my consistent, passionate and commitment were burning hot to even melt down any Iceblock bigger than one that brought down the titanic. My blogging inconsistency has been tested [and tasted] overtime and the results have been are evident [See Archives]. On a rather good note, am making a come back into the blogging world/industry. Whatever the hindrances were[travels to remote places, the excuse of being busy, lack of gadgets to blog wherever], am reminded that AM AN OVER-COMER.