Thursday, December 4, 2008

Legendaries, God's Generals

You need re-energizing and a big push in that church or fellowship ministry you are operating in? Here is quick medicine that any good friend would prescribe for you. Read God's General (why some succeeded and why some failed). There is alot to learn from in this book. God's Generals an inspirational books by Roberts Liardon (Robert brings different versions of God's general. God's Generals - The Roaring Reformers. God's Generals - The Revivalists). Havent read most of the book but one page makes want to flip and turn to another, join me on this.

Am still wondering why I don't ever finish books everytime I start reading books? Would need counsel on this honestly! In my search about Smith Wigglesworth, I came across a blog specially dedicated to publishing his sermons. Please check out

Psalm 1:1 - 2...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Emanating from Animal Kingdom...

Misery and loneliness can easily be read on the face a disastered buffalo though it takes 6 strong Lions to take this buffalo down. Looking around myself and what sorrounds me, I told myself I should learn from my sorrounding be it animals or plants or birds for the fact that God is the creator of all and am sure he took so much time in creating even the minutest protozoa or amoeba you can ever imagine. I took special focus on the Buffalo.

Most Buffaloes would live in a herd with over 100 male and female buffaloes, there is always one dominant male in the one single herd and guess what every buffalo would respects that dominant buffalo. Lesson one: For every individual, we can easily divide his "life" in small segments or sections. These sections or segments of life can be social, economic, emotional or even spiritual. The Big question at this point in relation to dominancy, Is what area of your life is dominant or what area of your life do you give priority to? What you give priority to, determines your daily actions and your walk on earth.

Continuing with the buffalo world, once the dominant male either misbehaves (tries to mate with younger female buffaloes) or is unable to protect the herd he is forced out of the group to a solitary life and place by the upcoming young male buffaloes (You can call this disciplinary). Solitary buffaloes are the most dangerous and miserable though greatest fighters. Lesson Two: How often do we accept our mistakes and actually without making so much noise over the magnitude of punishment given try to learn from our past terrible experiences.

Try to search about animals and birds or even trees, there are lessons embedded under their physical features or even way of life that you could learn lots from.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Need to Travel Around Uganda...

Been traveling around Uganda with Compassion, which explains what you could call either irregular or abandoned posting. Several experiences have hit me on my adventures in the rural and urban Uganda. I would love to unfold some observations and adventures that made me wonder in awe of God's wisdom and sovereignty and also man's innovativeness.

National Park Experiences...
In September 2008, pacing through Murchison Falls National Park, the Park Guide explained that most of the palm trees are planted by Elephants. "Wow, hold it", was my expressed until he explained the whole process (Elephants go around chewing palms like human beings do walk around chewing gum on streets. Elephants litter the seeds wherever and finally the seeds spring up. Before everybody knows it we have palm trees all the place)

Names of Places...
Am moving around Kasese Streets (South Western Uganda) looking out for hotels, we came across several restaurants and hotels named after great American, Australia and European cities (StarBucks, MacDonalds) but nothing close to Culture, Coffee or foods could be found in these places. What got my ribs really hurting because I couldnt stop laughing was my encounter with Uganda London Bridge (small trench culvert,see photo),call it anything but am thinking it was appropriate name isn't it?

God's Lessons...
With every trip that I embarked on, my first prayer point would be can you please teach me something on this escapade my Lord and King. Need to mention,you have the opportunity of learning lots while travelling. As you travel you will do realise, you have more ample time to think and or rethink through lots of your personal areas of life. God in response, will reveal to you so much about the plans He has install for you. Next time you are traveling, top of your packing list should a pen and book, Remember Habakkuk 2:2-3